Walkera Super CP- Ново поколение 3Д флайбарлес микро хеликоптер


The Walkera Super CP offers brilliant performance in a "Bind and Fly" package. From basic hovering to all out 3D aerobatics, the Super CP does it all! The high precision 3-axis flybarless system provides ultra-stable flight characteristics that are great for both beginners and advanced pilots alike.

When it comes to micro helis, the Super CP is about as tough as it gets. We crashed this heli countless times during our "testing" and failed to break a single part. It just keeps going and going. What's great about this is that it takes away the fear of crashing, allowing you to focus on improving your flying skills. It's the ideal model for learning inverted flight!

Being "Bind and Fly", you are able to use the Super CP with any 6CH or more Devo series transmitter. This saves cost by allowing you to buy the heli without a transmitter if you already have one.

Two flight batteries are included, as well as a spare set of blades, USB powered battery charger and tools.

• "Bind and Fly" compatible with any 6CH or more Devo series transmitter
• Precision 3-axis flybarless system
• Compact size great for flying indoors or out

Диаметър основен ротор: 241mm
Диаметър основен ротор: 42mm
Обща дължина: 220mm
Полетно тегло: 45g (с батерия)
Приемник: RX2645V-D
Батерия: 3.7V 240mAh липо

В комплекта:
1 х Хеликоптер Super CP
2 х Батерии 3.7V 240mAh
1 х USB зарядно за 2 батерии
1 х USB кабел
1 х Тренировъчен кабел
1 х описание за работа
1 х инструменти

Необходимо е 6 канално или повече DEVO радио-управление.
Препоръчваме ви Walkera DEVO 7 или DEVO 7E.

Този продукт беше добавен в нашия каталог на 04 септември четвъртък, 2014.

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