Лазерна ролетка(измервател) 50м модел SW-S50


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Our Laser distance meter is specially designed to measure the distance precisely. It comes with the function of measuring AREA, VOLUME, ADDITION, SUBTRACTION easily. It can also store 99 data. The laser distance meter is hand-held and easy to operate. You can measure the distance in Metric / Imperial.


1. Hand-held Laser Distance Meter, measuring range is 0.05 to 50 Meters , large Color LCD display, with backlight and multi-line display (5 lines).
2. Staking-out function, helping you to find the position that match the setting distance.
3. Four reference points setting: front, middle, rear and extension benchmark. Ensuring higher accurate measurement.
4. Powered by three rechargeable batteries (Included), can be charged timely; Adjustable time of backlight off, laser off, power off, safe and power-saving.
5. Versatile laser distance meter, with Angle of Tilt measurement and record capacity of 100pcs, wide measuring range of Distance, Area, Volume, Pythagoras, Area of Triangle etc.


1. Working range: 0.05 to 50m Meters

2. Accuracy: 2mm(0.079inch)
3. Selectable unit: m, ft, in
4. Smallest unit displayed: 1mm
5. Laser: class, <1mW
6. Laser wavelength: 635nm
7. Angle of Tilt: ±90°
8. Record: 100pcs
9. Self-calibration: -9mm to +9mm
10. Auto backlight off: 5s~60s
11. Auto laser off: 20~120s
12. Auto switch off: 100~300s
13. Storage temperature range: -20~+60 degree
14. Working temperature range: 0~+40 degree
15. Storage Humidity: RH85%
16. Dust & Splash proof: IP54
17. Power supply: 3x1.2V 800mAh Ni-MH (Included)

Package Content:

1 * Laser Distance Meter
1 * Portable pouch
1 * Hanging rope
1 * User manual
1* USB connector
1* Disc
1* Reflecter
1 * Retail box
3* Rechargeable Battery

  • Модел: SW-S50

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